By Andrea Arnold
Almost exactly a year ago, in October 2022, the Valemount ambulance station was converted to running as a 24/7 Alpha Station. This means that two paramedics are scheduled to be on duty, at the station
or out on a call, 24 hours a day. It also means that a second car is staffed by on-call paramedics.

The paramedic’s schedule runs on a four-on-four-off cycle, typically with two 12-hour day shifts and two 12-hour night shifts.

In order to accomplish the increase in staffing, a minimum of five new members needed to be added to the roster, bringing the total to nine.

In late October 2023, BCEHS reported that there are actually 10 full-time paramedic positions attached to the Valemount ambulance station.

“Eight of these positions are full-time with regular scheduled hours and two are full-time positions that have an irregular schedule, as the employees are assigned to backfill the other positions as needed,”
said spokesperson Jane Campbell. “At present, eight of the 10 positions are filled. Two positions have recently become vacant and recruiting is underway to fill them.”

Campbell also reported that in addition to the 10 full-time positions, the community is also served by a
community paramedic. This position is also currently vacant.

The station is having an open house Nov. 23rd at the ambulance station on Gorse Street and is also planning a presentation for students at Valemount Secondary School the same day.