Valemount Secondary School art and music students had an art show and recital June 21st. Teacher Jory Wong says the intention of the event was to give students an opportunity to share their accomplishments and to invite family, friends, and community members to celebrate their work with them. Wong says for the art show, each student had their own display and selected a portfolio of work – mostly school projects, but some also shared personal work they created outside of class time. Students had the option of offering some art pieces for sale via silent auction. “Many were pleasantly surprised that they sold a few pieces,” Wong says. The art show had work from students in Grades 8-12. Music 9 students gave a performance in the high school theatre. Madelynn (piano), Hailey (vocals and guitar), Rozina (vocals and guitar), and Amos (piano) regaled a captive audience during the recital. Wong says students joining this class had a range of abilities – some were learning a new instrument for the first time, while others had already been playing proficiently for a few years. In this class, each student learned to play songs at their level.

Amos on the piano. /LAURA KEIL
Maya had some pieces she’d done in school and some she’d done at home. Here she stands with a creation she made using wood burning technique in shop class. The characters shown are from Helluva Boss. /LAURA KEIL
Left: Madelynn (piano) and Hailey (vocals). / LAURA KEIL