By Andrea Arnold
Mayor Owen Torgerson called the Valemount Council meeting to order on Tuesday May 9, 2023. Councillor Mulyk attended via Zoom.

Auditor’s Report
The KPMG Auditors Report/Consolidated Financial Statement was presented by Micaela Roque using Zoom and a speakerphone. Roque reported that KPMG anticipates, based on what they have seen through the information they have been provided, a clean audit for 2022. Roque said that KPMG does not do all the financial reporting, that they take the information given and make sure that the financials do not have any issues. She completed her presentation by complimenting the Village staff on all the hard work they put into the financials.

Ash Street housing project
A BC Housing update was presented by David Sheach. The Valemount Cares project was granted final approval a few days ago and the expectation is that they will begin construction around May 15th.

Road closure requests
Council approved the following road closure requests made by the Valemount Community Sports Day Association. Friday June 9th from 4:30 – 8pm on 5th Avenue between Birch and Cedar Street, and Saturday June 10th from 10:30 am to noon for the parade route closure. The approval is subject to road closures being advertised in the local paper the week prior to the event, the receipt of the required liability insurance by the Village no less than five days before the event, and a meeting with the Public Works Superintendent prior to the event to confirm details of the closures and Public Works availability.

Bylaw Enforcement Summary April
Council received the April Bylaw Enforcement Summary. The report showed that not only were no new complaints received over the month of April, but also, many of the existing files were closed due to further complaints after 30 days.

Updated Articles of Incorporation for COMFOR and VIP
Council adopts the updated articles of incorporation for the Valemount Community Forest Company LTD and directs staff to sign the attached special resolution. Council adopts the updated articles of incorporation for the Valemount Industrial Park Company LTD and directs staff to sign the attached special resolution. The amended portion explains that any asset of the company that values over $100,000 shall be disposed of without the approval of the shareholders.

Lift Station Contract
Council approved Timbro Contracting for the Valemount List Station Project, in the amount of $6,322,721, subject to the completion of the clarification period. This time is an opportunity for Urban Systems, Village staff and Timbro Contracting to discuss any uncertainty of the bid documentation and/or language and make sure they all have the same understanding of the project.

2022 Auditor’s Report and Consolidated Financial Statements
Council accepted the 2022 Auditor’s Report and Consolidated Financial Statements as presented by KPMG representatives.

Community Sports Day Association -Municipal Grant Request
Council approved a grant in the amount of $367.50 to the Valemount Community Sport Days Committee for costs associated with the community hall rental for the June 9-11, 2023, Valemountain Days event.

Five-year financial plan
Council approved the adoption of the Village of Valemount Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No 871, 2023 as presented. The plan was given third reading at the April 25th meeting and an online presentation was made to the public between April 5-19.

Reserve Fund Amendment Bylaw
Council approved the adoption of the Village of Valemount Reserve Fund Amendment Bylaw No 873, 2023 as presented. The amendment adds the Growing Communities Fund and amends the numbering of the Statutory Reserve Funds.

Tax Rate Bylaw
Council adopted the Village of Valemount Tax Rate Bylaw No 877, 2023 as presented. These rates are calculated using figures from the 2023 Five Year Financial Plan, District of Fraser Fort George and Fraser Fort George Regional Hospital District Requisitions and the BC Assessment Roll Totals.

Public Comment
Eugene Jamin addressed the distress felt by the seniors housing committee and the elder care committee on the issue of housing. He would like to see it resolved. He said that it was his understanding that although independent living was the goal, changes towards assisted living were to be considered and adapted to going forward using other sources of funding.
Claudia Frost thanked the Village for all the work they have put into the housing project.
Kurien Thomas said that he is excited about the housing project moving forward. Although there have been disagreements, he believes that is good for the community because everyone sees the final goal and it creates discussion. He said that he and others are looking for funding to make steps for assisted living.

Mayor Torgerson closed the meeting as there were no in-camera agenda items.

Thank you to VCTV for providing recordings of Council meetings.