By Andrea Arnold

Mayor Gene Runtz called the Feb 28, 2023 McBride council meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Included in the minutes from The February 14, 2023 meeting were two motions brought out from in-camera: Council moved to appoint Sandra Salt as the Interim Chief Administration Officer, Interim Corporate Officer, Interim Approving Officer and Interim Director of Operations and Capital Projects, commencing January 29, 2023 and until such time as Council recruits a permanent CAO and that Salt swears their oath of office. Council also approved the consulting services agreement for former CAO Christopher Tupy.

Schedule revision

Council approved receiving the 2023 regular council meeting schedule for discussion and consideration. Following discussion, Council approved keeping the March 14, 2023 meeting as previously approved and requested that staff cancel their hotel reservations for that same night in Prince George. Council members will make their way to the 2023 Local Government Leadership Academy Elected Officials session in PG on Wednesday morning.

Council approved cancelling the May 9, 2023 regular meeting as it conflicts with their attendance at the 2023 North Central Local Government association Annual General Meeting and Convention in Dawson Creek.

Tourism sector tax support

Council supported the McBride Tourism Committee’s recommendation to approach accommodation providers outside the municipality, in the McBride area, asking if they would consider voluntarily collecting and remitting 2% of revenue from short-term stays to the Village of McBride to be used for dedicated tourism marketing and promotion programs that align with the Municipal and Regional District Tax one-year tactical and five-year strategic plans. Council also directed staff to write a  letter to these accommodation providers inviting their participation in this initiative.


Council proceeded into an In-camera council meeting for consideration of matters of the Community Charter related to Section 90 (1): (c) Labour relations or other employee relations and (i) the receipt of advance that is subject to solicitor-client privilege including communication necessary for that purpose.

The public meeting was adjourned at 7:16pm