Christa Maxeiner hopes to inspire more people to get active this winter despite the treacherous walking conditions of late. Maxeiner, a proponent of Nordic Walking, has been a regular face at the Valemount arena this winter. The senior is dedicated to getting in her steps and stretches on the iceless periphery of the arena and encourages other seniors to try this cost-free activity. She points out that muscle mass and flexibility decreases as we age, especially after age 60. “Isn’t it a shame?” she gestures at the empty arena. “People of all ages could be walking.” Maxeiner typically walks for 45 minutes. “Then you are really warmed up and flexible and feel much better than when you start,” she said. Instead of doing a loop around the rink, she does a there-and-back route to avoid the bleacher side of the rink, something she thinks could be done even by people using walkers. For those wanting to try it, masks and vaccine passports are required to enter the arena. /LAURA KEIL