I would like to second Joan Kruisselbrink’s letter (October 21st) , why fix something that not only isn’t broken but has been working very well? The Valemount Community Forest Company has been one of the hopeful bright spots for me, gradually bringing the care and use of our local forests under local control, planning once again for a local mill for at least some of the wood, with plans also to use the by-products. Long range plans by people who care and want to stay here.

I have noted over the years the ups and downs of the community—when there is work, there is not a place to rent, and when the mill was shut down, every second or third house was for sale as people moved out. A big part of the stability of the community has been the people living on farms and acreages outside the actual town, who have made this home for 50 or 70 or more years, and figure out ways to manage when mills shut down and stores close. They are also the ones most affected by the health and care of the surrounding forests, and the ones who have no vote on village council, even though they are very much affected by what happens in the village.

We all benefit when the village business is well run with long range planning and care. We also all benefit when our forests are well managed and cared for with long range planning by people with skill and experience. How about focusing on doing your job well, and after expressing concerns, giving them the same opportunity to continue to do their job well.

Laurel Mckirdy
Valemount, BC