Last week, the Robson Valley got a dump of snow. We reached out to locals to see their “Snow Day” photosâ€what they saw, how they enjoyed the day and ways to appreciate the activities available to us in winter.

Opa taking Eva for a birthday sleigh ride. /KATHARINA MCNAUGHTON.
The soft fresh snow was perfect for snowmen.”  Paige, Bentley, Natalie, Angalie and Marisalie. / DUSKA OLSON
A lucky driver narrowly missed a falling tree on 6th avenue Wednesday morning. Neighbour Duska Olson said her daughter Natalie witnessed the narrow miss. “He slammed on the breaks and swerved around it,” she said, indicated the tread marks that swerved into another yard. Duska eyed her own mature pines and said they would definitely be coming down next summer. She was delighted though they could finally go tobogganing. /LAURA KEIL
Jakob Van der Wilk enjoyed his snow day being burried in the snow /HANNAH VAN DER WILK
Isaac Williams flew off his toboggan into the pile of snow during the power outage /HANNAH VAN DER WILK
10.5-month-old Silas Vogel, enjoyed the falling snow on the family’s farm in McBride. /MEGAN VOGEL
“I didn’t want to adult, so I built a snow woman instead.” /TANYA PHILLIPS


Max got a special treat after the snow dump on Wednesday. After creating a roof structure of tires, wood beans and tin roof to support the snow, Elliott’s dad Matt Elliott used his front loader to form the top of the custom igloo. The igloo is roughly 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. With the roof in place, Max could safely dig out the entranceâ€perhaps with the help of some curious pets. /PHOTOS SARA OLOFSSON
A couple trucks spun out on the hill near Mt Robson, creating a big line-up of traffic while they waited for a tow truck /SHAWN THOMPSON
Estelle’s first time on downhill skis! /SHAWN THOMPSON
Cosmo, a corgi, nearly disappeared in the new snow Wednesday. /ALLEN REALE
Kim Hood having fun cross country skiing at Jackman Flats. /KARL HUGHES
Rudi Thoni, his grandchildren Matthias and Seb, and his daughter-in-law Karen get ready to gain some elevation at the popular local ski and tobogganing area at 5 Mile. For 20 years Rudi has been grooming 5 Mile, turning a quiet logging road into a winter destination for those ready to hike up the mountain to earn their ski pass. Increasingly the area is seeing snowmobile access skiers and snowmobilers. A great way for wee ones to learn how to ski and local youth to blow off steam by going fast during the age of lockdown. /ANDRU MCCRACKEN