Actually take offence to your latest edition (Oct. 1st 2020 editorial). No, I’m not an SOO [Soldiers of Odin] or 3% fan either. How about married to a German Immigrant who came to Canada in 1967. Back then Canada was especially hard on them and besides proving they could support themselves and written tests, etc., they had hard times as a family, as although they did not support the war, during wartime either got in line or got shot. Sound familiar as Justin heading down that path, but another story.
When you make reference to Nazis it is almost like using the “N” word if commenting on a BLM [Black Lives Matter] subject. How about they [Soldiers of Odin] are just racist, but entitled to their own opinion as this is still a free country?? Again I don’t support in any shape, way or form, but unless you personally went through WWII in occupied Germany, then you have no right to wield “The pen mightier than the sword” complex.
Just my opinion, and again it is a free country, so I have mine, and you have yours.


Jim Brown
Kindersley, Saskatchewan