Carol Hammer of the McBride Hospital Auxiliary and Brad Kope of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 75 demonstrate how to use the Community Health Clinic’s new patient care tool “Sara Stedy.” The two organizations donated a combined total of $2500 for the purchase. The Sara Stedy will be placed in a home for an individual with limited mobility. It will assist in helping to move patients from one location in the home to another. The wheeled legs can be adjusted to be close together, or further apart to aid in the maneuvering around chairs or even toilets. The Legion had to receive special permission to donate to this purchase as the money used was from the poppy fund. This money is to be used for a specific purpose to benefit veterans. At this time, there are not many veterans in the community needing assistance, but looking forward, the Sara Stedy may find its way into the home of someone who served. The Hospital Auxiliary has committed to donated money to purchase two hospital beds this year as well. The purchases they are planning to make are one standard hospital bed and one bariatric bed. /ANDREA ARNOLD