What in the world is happening? Some child from Sweden is suddenly all over the news, celebrated leader of a children’s crusade to save the earth! Wow, kids nowadays with their smartphones, they can do anything!
The amazing Greta was able to sail across the Atlantic to admonish the UN for allowing climate to keep changing. Then off to Canada in an electric car, taking a brief stop to chastise our Prime Minister before basking in face time with her adulating fans. This grassroots movement is going to make the world Greta again! You may wonder how a child can appear from nowhere and lead a massive publicity campaign. Easy, she has friends, influential friends, unbelievably wealthy friends.
Team Malizia brought Greta to New York in a 4 million dollar racing sailboat constructed from the best materials the petrochemical industry has to offer, then very graciously paid airfare for the crew change to bring the yacht home. Team Malizia was founded by Pierre Casiraghi, Vice-President of the Yacht Club de Monaco. Pierre is a member of the royal family and a grandson of Princess Grace of Monaco. Pierre was a leading crew member escorting Greta to NY aboard the racing yacht.
Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with Elon Musk to provide Greta the electric car. You know Elon, he’s the guy who sent his old car into solar orbit (it only took ten tanker truck loads of fuel). Elon’s a big thinker, he’s busy pumping enough satellites into orbit to bathe the entire earth in 5G radio waves, we need them to better interface with AI. The coup de grace will be when he nukes Mars, no I’m not kidding, he wants to do that too.
The really big money is harder to trace but in terms of familiar names, Soros, Gates and Buffet are all “philanthropic” supporters of organizations which in turn fund environmental activism. Gates has some positions in “green initiatives” and is chairman of Breakthrough Energy Ventures which has partnered with the government of Canada to provide clean energy solutions.
“To fight climate change and achieve a clean energy future, we must act quickly and work together. Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada will create a space for collaboration and help companies deliver clean energy technologies sooner and more often — bringing us all one step closer to a clean energy future.” The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
Bill Gates is also a primary investor in a nuclear power promotion company so I’m sure solutions will be forthcoming soon.
Last January Greta was invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and proceeded to lecture the world elites on their failure to invest in the war on climate. Very convenient as the president of The World Bank had identified 80 trillion in “stagnant funds” which investors would dearly love to invest in something a little more lucrative.
80 trillion, the equivalent of the combined world GDP just aching to be invested in something green and what’s greener than cash?!

Brian McKirdy