Photo from the proposed cabin site / Photo courtesy Jeff Corbett


Hikers and skiiers may soon get to enjoy a new backcountry cabin, if the Ozalenka Alpine Club has its way.

The club already operates two cabins, the Eagle Valley cabin and Ozalenka cabin, which are both heavily used and been around for nearly 30 years.

“We’re turning people away,” Corbett says. “We feel there is demand for another cabin.”

The proposed location near Cariboo Lake is in a caribou closure and would be strictly for non-motorized users only.

The area is already visited by academics each summer due to unique geological formations, according to Ozalenka member Jeff Corbett.

“It’s a spectacular location,” Corbett says.

The club is proposing a 16ftx16ft cabin with an 8 ft deck and would sleep at least five people.

The proposed location is on the NW side of Cariboo Lake, located roughly 14km up the Avalanche Valley/Cariboo Lake Trail. The trailhead is at KM18 on the south Dore FSR, which is in good condition at the moment because of logging.

While beautiful, the access is not easy – with 3000ft uphill to the pass and then another 1600ft down into the valley.

He says there are better locations for a cabin – like the Kristi Glacier trail – but they risk conflict with sledders and they want a good summer and winter location.

Corbett warns there’s nothing certain about this cabin yet. They have collected letters of support from the Village, Regional District and UNBC and are finalizing the terms of a 30K grant from NDIT, which would cover part of the cost. They don’t yet have permission from Front Counter BC to start building.

View of Cariboo Lake from the Avalanche Valley trail. Cabin would be at the far end of the lake (right hand side of photo). / Photo Courtesy Jeff Corbett