Dear Mayor and Council of the Village of Valemount,

With so much potential for change on the horizon, wide array of opinions regarding community development and speculation through a lens on the mountains, I am respectfully asking you to also focus your eyes and thoughts on community development through the heart of the valley.

Centennial Park on 5th Avenue has been developing for nearly 50 years and has been much loved by children for many generations. It is a good park, where I’ve had lots of fun too, but I think it could be even better. I hope you will take the time to consider these suggestions to enhance the park, fully utilize the space and create even greater benefits to our youngest citizens and everyone else.

For many years now, parents and advocates have sought support for a splash park, a goal I consider worth pursuing. Driving by the seldom-used tennis courts at the park, I can easily envision a very much-used splash park in the location instead; in my mind’s eye it is a wonderful, happy place, full of laughter and good, clean fun. This project is so do-able, but only through Council’s will and participation.

Reading of Council’s approval of a new band shell was at first very encouraging. I was not pleased to read though, that it is to be erected at the Info Centre along the highway, which I feel is too far from the heart of the community to bring the harmony one would hope it could instill. There is room in Centennial Park for a band shell; I respectfully ask Council to re-consider decisions about its permanent location, in favour of installation in the park, where it could truly enhance the community and its spirit – a safe, central and easily-accessed location to pull us together and support multi-generational community and cultural growth.

Community development everywhere is now influenced strongly by the needs of the true heart of all communities, the children and families who are critical to every community’s sustainability, including our own. I urge Council to consider these and other potential improvements to Centennial Park, such as Free Notes Harmony Parks (, improved public washrooms and drinking fountain, re-location of the Community Market, community garden beds and fruit trees, etc., all of which there is room for in Centennial Park and which would greatly improve the heart of our community and support a healthier, happier, more vibrant population.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kim Thorn,
Valemount, B.C.