Remember the good old days when TRC Cedar was employing up to 90 employees and schools had too many students in some classes?

We had an expanded business community. Now all we talk about are jobs and a failing economy.

Our kids have to leave the community to find work. The community forest is failing under extended management by bureaucrats. Facebook and the coffee shop are full of people placing blame with no positive results.

So, McBride, we are all “friends”. Let’s team up and get it done. Let’s cut the BS and get a solution. Here is my opinion:
Right now the Village is dealing with litigation with TRC due to a contract issue. This may have a bad outcome for the Village and ultimately you and me.

So, to the Village of McBride and MCFC, let’s buy TRC. Because of his proven cedar and management experience, let’s offer Tom Ryan the job of Business Manager of MCFC. Let’s get to work and get a supply for ALL the cedar mills.

To do this requires MCFC to be a “business” and to be run as a “business”. It probably means borrowing money. It means negotiating with government, Ministry of Forest, Carrier Lumber to facilitate supply. If we have a supply anything is possible. The mills can fulfill contracts and jobs can be steady. Note as well with cedar ALL fiber has value. Much of the salvage left behind can be converted to a saleable product.

So McBride Community members all YOU need to do is team up. Convince three council members to make a motion to hire a business manager who reports to Council. Take a vote on the motion. It is almost that easy.

Right now MCFC pays huge amounts of money to accountants, lawyers and settlements. When a business person looks at this “business” it’s like Alice in Wonderland with no happy ending. Come on McBride, let’s take OUR BUSINESS and make it work. To businessmen and women failure is not an option.

As a footnote for all you locals who want action and have a problem with Mr. Ryan, I would encourage you to call him up and talk it over. We can work together and get this done McBride. Let’s get on with it!

Dave Shantz
McBride, B.C.