People in the local community and across Canada have recently called being gay a ‘lifestyle’. That term presumes a choice.

People don’t choose to be gay – that is just who they are, like the colour of their eyes and hair, or their body type.

Choosing to live openly as who you are, without hiding – that may be considered a lifestyle. Being truthful and honest about who you are is something I value in anyone. Often, it also means you are have learned to be brave and strong, and are willing to face criticism and prejudice – usually unwarranted. That too is something I highly value.

There are lots of symbols that mean many things to different people. To me, the rainbow means acceptance and inclusiveness – that means accepting people in our community, regardless of sexual orientation, skin colour or background, just as God promised – with the rainbow – to accept humans, and not destroy us, regardless of all our faults.

Korie Marshall

Valemount, BC