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By Ross Ballard

Does your four legged family have proper identification?

If not you’re in luck!

This fall the Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society has initiated the Pet ID Program in the Village of Valemount. With funding from the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives Program, village residents are now able to get a free collar and ID tag for their furry loved ones.

The point of the program says organizer Wendy Cinnamon is to keep our pets safe by providing contact information in case they go wondering, and to provide understanding to others. A collar and tag let both the general public and animal societies know that an animal has an owner and a home. Collars and tags are available for cats and dogs of all sizes, and for those worried about their pets getting hung up on their collars, Id Program sponsor Rogz has provided a variety of “break-away” and stretch collars in cool colors to keep your pet both safe and stylish!

As a pet owner I was very happy to get my pooch signed up, and the collar and ID tag I was given are high quality and easy to use; the weatherproof tag taking about five minutes to put together has just enough room for the pets name and owners phone number. The program was initiated at the Christmas Craft Fair on November 14th, and on that day ninety one people signed up their pets!
If you love your pets this is a very smart move, as I found out a few weeks ago. Walking to my hostel from a pub on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton I noticed a small cat wondering around on the crowded street looking lost and very scared. I followed her for five minutes before finally coaxing her in for a pet. I picked her up and found a collar and plastic ID tag. I phoned “Scarlet’s” owners and they were – strangely enough – in the same pub I had just left and were ecstatic about the finding of their cat, who had snuck out of their apartment the night before.

If you would like to sign your pet up please contact Wendy at 250-566-9706 or Chris at 250-566-3174 and help keep our furry friends safe.