More than a dozen people turned out for the mask-making, clowning and acting workshops held last weekend at the Dunster Fine Arts School. Mask-making workshops were led by award-winning mask maker and theatre designer Melody Anderson; acting workshops were led by award-winning actor and playwright Peter Anderson. Many of the masks beared a “mood” and were used during the acting workshops.

Donalda Pics (3)

The workshops were put on by the BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Program in conjnunction with local theatre co Wishbone Theatre Productions. Above right clockwise: Hannah Black shows off her “baby elephant” mask before it’s painted; Bob Thompson tries on his mood mask; Monica Zieper, Sharon Stearns, Janey Weeks and others hand-formed the masks out of paper; Donalda Beeson does an intense selfie after finishing her mask; a participants gets al ittle help from mask-maker Melody Anderson in designing the eyebrows.

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