We’ve all had a “humbug,” right? A bit of a tune that goes round and round in our heads, just a few notes, over and over, driving us crazy, but still we hum. Words can also get stuck in our thoughts.

“If you had asked, If you had called, If you had looked, If you had read…” go on and on, round and round, buzzing and buzzing until they become a mean angry warning or a sad tired drone. “If you…, if you…, if YOU…” – “It’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s YOUR fault”; humbling, demeaning, cruel words repeated over and over.

I long for leaders who accept a question as a ray of light, a peek into someone else’s world, a window into the community – an opportunity to focus all those rays into a caring community where we gather together, to do the things that we cannot do alone.

Len McCarty
McBride, B.C.