Submitted by Robson Valley RCMP

On Saturday September 20, the McBride RCMP conducted a check of a suspicious vehicle on Airport Road. The officer had followed the vehicle from the Husky Gas Station after watching what is described as suspicious behavior. As a result of the vehicle check an amount of marihuana was seized from the driver.

On Sunday September 21, a Hope, BC man reported that sometime over night approximately 200 litres of diesel was stolen from a tidy tank in the back of his truck. The man had stayed the night at the Twin Peaks Resort and in the morning he discovered the fuel missing. There were no witnesses to the theft.

On Sunday September 21, a Valemount RCMP officer was patrolling Highway 5 near the intersection of Highway 16. The officer located a broken down vehicle on the side of the highway and stopped to lend assistance. The officer detected the odor of marihuana from the man and a possession of a controlled substance investigation was conducted. It was found the Abbotsford man was in possession of a several bags containing dried marihuana. The man was arrested and later released with a court appearance. The man is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Train smashes into commercial vehicle

On Saturday September 20, the Valemount RCMP responded to a collision between a train and a commercial vehicle at the railway crossing located at Stone Road off Highway 5. It was discovered that the commercial vehicle had become high centered on the rail crossing and that the North bound CN train was unable to stop. The collision destroyed the commercial vehicle however there were no injuries. Local Fire Rescue and Ambulance attended with the Valemount RCMP. Transport Canada was notified in addition to CN Rail. CN Police have jurisdiction of the incident and the Valemount RCMP will provide assistance as necessary.

Rock climbers rescued after injury

On Sunday September 14, the Valemount RCMP received a report of S.P.O.T. activation from a group of rock climbers in the Robson mountain area. Local Search and Rescue was activated and located the rock climbers who had activated the beacon as one had a serious laceration to his finger. The Valemount male was flown into Valemount and received treatment for his injury.

Kayaker rescued after brush with hypothermia

On Monday September 15, the Valemount RCMP responded to a report of a kayaker disappearing while in the river near Overlander Falls. Local Search and Rescue was activated. A Valemount police officer attended immediately and located the kayaker on the side of the river. The Kayaker, Christopher NOOB, was suffering symptoms of hypothermia and was helped into the police vehicle and immediately warmed up. There were no lasting injuries.

Assault in progress awakes police

In the early morning hours of Monday September 22, members of the McBride RCMP were awoken at their own residences by a loud disturbance in the neighbourhood. Several officers attended and discovered that a group of intoxicated persons had followed two males home from a local drinking establishment and had then assaulted the males. Minor injuries were sustained by a victim and several of the suspects. Four males were arrested for assault with one facing an additional charge of uttering threats. The suspects, who are residents of McBride, all face charges and have been released from police custody with a court date in January 9 of 2015. Further charges are being contemplated pending investigation. The incident appears to be a blatant disregard for public order and has shocked members of the community.