By Korie Marshall

The Province is proposing revisions to the regulation for pesticide use to ensure cosmetic pesticides are being used safely, and to simplify requirements for pesticides commonly considered safe.

Proposed changes to the Integrated Pest Management Regulation (IMPR) include requiring a licence to apply most pesticides and residents to be notified when pesticides are being used on private landscaped areas; requiring licence holders to employ trained pesticide applicators and to employ the Ministry of Environment’s process for reducing unnecessary spraying of pesticides; and requiring the development of a list of pesticides considered safe for use by untrained people, which can be sold and applied without a licence.

These changes were developed with input from the public and a provincial committee on cosmetic pesticides. The committee released its report in May 2012, and concluded regulations restricting the use of cosmetic pesticides should be tightened, but concluded there was not enough evidence to support an outright ban on the sale of pesticides.

Municipalities and First Nations with law-making authority will be able to opt out of the requirement for a licence to apply pesticides to private residential properties, not including multi-residence properties.

In March 2013, the Legislature passed the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act that included a change to the Integrated Pest Management Act enabling the minister of environment to develop regulations establishing lists of pesticides that may be regulated differently than other pesticides.

The Province intends to implement the proposed revisions to the IMPR in two stages between 2014 and 2015.

Public comment period on the changes is open until Dec. 8. To comment, visit the Ministry of Environment website.