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With equipment loaned by many members of the community and from the host church, it was hard not to notice the late 1800s apple peeler that Pete Amyoony acquired in his travels. Photo: Chris Parker

It is hard to ignore the hard work by all kinds of folks as the Library/Museum Boards continue to pick up popular fundraising events, which would potentially disappear had they not taken them over. Most recently was the apple pie making, which was formerly organized by the secondary school graduating class. The pie making went into production thanks to the loan of kitchen facilities at the EV Free Church. Young and old, members of all faith communities, and volunteers from Dunster and other out of town areas proved the old adage that ‘many hands make light work.’ Within a few hours the nearly 700 pies were produced and loaded for deliveries by the 40 volunteers. In fact the group was so productive that clean up was moving ahead by 1:30 – an hour and a half ahead of schedule.