High school students from Valemount secondary spent last Thursday and Friday cleaning up litter on Valemount’s streets. The event was organized by Valemount Secondary’s Leadership Class and teacher Janice Bruce, but all the students pitched in to help clean up Valemount’s streets. The cleanup is part of a provincial initiative that goes hand in hand with Earth Day.

I asked Janice Bruce, the local organizer, what her thoughts were on the event.

“The idea was well received by the teachers and the students” said Bruce. “There are lots of positive things that come out of students cleaning up the community. It gives them a sense of belonging in the community and in their school.”

As well as the kids enjoying themselves, Bruce says that the students got recognition from the community for their great work.

But it wasn’t just the community that benefited. The students themselves enjoyed the clean up as it was a chance to get into the fresh air, and enjoy the day, even if they were picking up pieces of litter. In the company of friends and in good spirits, even a job as smelly and gross as garbage pickup can be fun.

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