Brian Wallace End of The Road (2)
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Former park warden mentors next generation

It is on his 147-acre ranch off Hinkleman Road that he built up his string of nine horses and pack animals which allows him to continue to practice his love of the outdoors and trail riding, and mentoring of youngsters, local ranchers, and those with a developing interest in the hobby.

Michelle Glover Burstrom Horse Never Lies Song (2)

Parelli horsemanship boosts local songwriter

Burstrom thinks the song resonated with people because many of the Parelli students had been struggling with a similar horse at home and felt guilty about giving up or feeling blocked.

ancient forest robson valley valemount mcbride dome creek
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Group seeks World Heritage Site status for Ancient Forest

The Regional District is supporting the Caledonia Ramblers hiking club’s goal to have the Ancient Forest designated as a World Heritage Site. The unique inland wet-temperate rainforest boasts trees that are 1,000 years old, and possibly as old as 2,000.