Clara Lopeter in her 600sq ft home. house passive home design (1)
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Energy-efficient Valemount home nominated for award

“The vast majority of houses are built to code minimum,” Olofsson says. “These houses are using proven building science to build it better.” He remarks that buildings are one of the biggest contributors to global climate change, contributing to about half of emissions in North America.

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Direct-use geothermal exploration coming

Over this coming winter, Geoscience BC will be gathering existing geothermal data on Valemount and other areas of the province. The aim is to help identify sites with economically feasible potential for geothermal direct-use applications, and potentially start a consortium to drill test holes to verify that potential.

"Winter can be harsh, especially for those not prepared, and it has felt long this year, but it is still beautiful."

Editorial: Being part of a community during emergencies

No list or plan put together by the village offices, or Emergency BC, or whoever, can deal with all situations – only we can, each of us, by being involved. We are not islands; I can’t imagine that having your home warm, your freezer full and your driveway plowed will be any good in the long run if your neighbours and friends are all stuck in their houses, freezing and starving.