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Some interesting things

December 7, 2011 The Goat
By Chris Parker I learned the most interesting things about myself while at work the other day. I find myself truly amazed by all that I have accomplished in my lifetime. Mind you, most of […]

Bridging the coffee shop and council

December 3, 2011 The Goat
By Laura Keil During the lead-up to the local elections we heard our candidates make promises, vouch for their community spirit and outline how they will work hard to bring change. In turn, we saw […]

Will Facebook decide this election?

November 17, 2011 The Goat
by Laura Keil Before you scream “What is the world coming to?” let me be clear that we’re still a long ways off from voting in our politicians with “Likes.” That being said, there’s been […]
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Column: End of the Road

October 13, 2011 The Goat
As promised, we have headed into the bayous to get to know the area and our fellow citizens. On Saturday, we found ourselves exploring Eddy Road outside of McBride. My fascination with winding country roads […]
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Column: At the end of the road…

September 21, 2011 The Goat
By Chris Parker As a youngster growing up in Yorkshire, England I was privileged to have my parents ‘adopt’ a young man that came to be a foundational part of my life. In fact this […]
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Back to School

September 11, 2011 The Goat
By: Raquel Medina Summer is now over and school is here! It seems as if the summer months went by in a flash. Even though I’m going to miss the summer I am very excited […]
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Traffic calming is more than speed signs

August 31, 2011 The Goat
Laura Keil We all know that feeling of driving down an empty road with gentle curves and hills. Suddenly we are going 140 kmph. It’s “easy driving” syndrome and no matter the posted speed […]
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