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Is Valemount sucked under the weir?

November 28, 2012 The Goat
The Province’s Columbia River Treaty Review is underway and this time around, the government has decided to consult with the regions affected by the treaty. Since 1974, the Columbia River Treaty with the US was […]

Reconciling old and new

November 24, 2012 The Goat
There was a time when honour was valued. Or so your typical lament about the ‘good old days’ often starts, or finishes. Most conversations usually contrast the ‘good old days’ to the not-so-good ‘present days,’ […]

Through the pipeline looking glass

November 21, 2012 The Goat
If you ask someone at the coffee shop if they want their gas prices to rise, it’s unlikely they will leap out of their chair and scream “Yes!” But this is exactly the same gusto […]

Pipeline dreams

November 14, 2012 The Goat
I answered an automated phone survey some months ago, asking my opinion on the possible expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. The survey was being done (if I remember correctly) for an Albertan politician, […]
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Are we ready for water meters?

September 5, 2012 The Goat
The water crisis earlier this week shows how quickly we can go from plenty of water to no water. The reservoirs are designed to hold 500,000 gallons of water. Seems like a lot to burn. […]
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Sterling Silver tales, A Mickey Finn

September 5, 2012 The Goat

“Waaap,” I hit the animal’s jugular vein with a number 12 needle. Blood spurted. I was in the vein. The rubber tubing was attached to the needle and I began adjusting the flow of chloral hydrate into the vein.



Virtual Parenting: Immersion & Safety

August 22, 2012 The Goat
Internet safety means we need to be vigilant in our supervision of our children as they learn to access the internet, to teach them that they are responsible for everything they send, every time they press enter. […]
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