Next steps on youth funding

March 10, 2013 The Goat
How to improve the lives of Valemount’s youth: that was the subject of a second meeting following up on the Give Youth a Voice initiative. The second meeting was held to decide how $25,000 of […]
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What can we learn from Revelstoke?

March 3, 2013 The Goat
I’m going to harken back to Tintin, but it’s a common device in movies –just as Tintin figures out the plot against him, the gun appears behind his head, or a trap falls over him. […]
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Get off of your TV and into your TV

February 12, 2013 The Goat
Channel #653. Can you believe it? Valemount’s community TV station is now being carried on satellite service to customers across BC and Canada. Why would other Canadians care about Valemount TV? Ask me why I […]
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Enterprising spirit alive and well

January 21, 2013 The Goat
The construction of the Crystal Ridge sled-assisted ski hill upholds a tradition of local enterprise. In the 1950s, it was power for the town. A group of women raised money to bring electrical power here […]
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Sexism in rec sports – no thanks

December 15, 2012 The Goat
As most parents will know, children are imitators. They see how their parents talk and act. They quickly learn how to divide themselves into different camps or bring people together – how to label someone […]

New canadian food safety legislation

December 13, 2012 The Goat
The Canadian government recently released new food safety guidelines. It is no coincidence that the legislation was passed so soon after the E-Coli scare at the XL foods plant in Brooks, Alberta. With reports surfacing […]
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Republic of Main St.

December 9, 2012 The Goat
During the McBride and Valemount municipal election forums last year and again at the town hall meeting in Valemount last week, several speakers who came up to the mic prefaced what they were saying with […]
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