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Robson Valley Timber Supply Area up for review

December 31, 2013 The Goat
he objectives of the review are to examine forest management practices, environmental and social factors and input from First Nations, forest licensees and the public, to set a new AAC and to identify information to be improved for future timber supply reviews. […]
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Valemount’s culprit for peak water use discovered

December 31, 2013 The Goat
The results showed that hotels without low-flow fixtures used up to eight times more water than those with low-flow fixtures, and that as much as 2.5 million litres of water could be saved annually by replacing outdated and inefficient toilets with low-flow models in all hotels. […]
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How to get the salmon back?

April 20, 2013 The Goat
If you paid a visit to the Swift Creek salmon spawning grounds near the Valemount Visitor Information Centre during spawning season last year, you may have noticed fewer fish. The same number may be spawning […]
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