Dark options: plight of a retired farmer

February 20, 2015 The Goat
“They want me to work and produce, like being a slave, until I am dead and never be able to retire,” says Vernon Pawloske. “Or they want to force me to turn my property over to others – stealing my land from me. Or if not that, then bill my land taxes excessively higher, and that is like robbery.” […]

Keeping FOG out of the sewer system

February 17, 2015 The Goat
Fats, oils and grease can build up in your pipes and in Village sewer pipes, which can cause odours, clogged pipes, reduced plumbing flow, and even sewer back-ups. Over $33,000 was spent last year alone on cleaning FOG out of Valemount’s sewer system. […]

A great jay – even “stellar”

February 8, 2015 The Goat
The blue jay’s more formally-attired cousin, Steller’s jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) is British Columbia’s official provincial bird, and has become a more frequent visitor to gardens and feeders in recent months, as snapped here by Robert Hoskins. […]

Energy-efficient Valemount home nominated for award

December 17, 2014 The Goat
“The vast majority of houses are built to code minimum,” Olofsson says. “These houses are using proven building science to build it better.” He remarks that buildings are one of the biggest contributors to global climate change, contributing to about half of emissions in North America. […]
Lindal Diagram, geothermal

Direct-use geothermal exploration coming

December 14, 2014 The Goat
Over this coming winter, Geoscience BC will be gathering existing geothermal data on Valemount and other areas of the province. The aim is to help identify sites with economically feasible potential for geothermal direct-use applications, and potentially start a consortium to drill test holes to verify that potential. […]
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