cranberry marsh geothermal fault

Is Cranberry Marsh a heat-seep?

May 6, 2014 The Goat
Have you ever walked the Cranberry Marsh trail and noticed some spots where the water doesn’t seem to freeze? These spots might be good examples of what geologists want to see when looking for geothermal potential. […]
swift creek bank restoration bruce wilkinson mike wallis

Swift Creek restoration + video

April 29, 2014 The Goat
On April 11 The Goat was lead on a tour of one of the creek bank restorations to show us what was done and how it will help – and how it is one part of a whole watershed management plan. […]
active logging, logging, sign, forestry, forest

Local forestry decisions delayed

April 26, 2014 The Goat
The Chief Forester has not yet announced the annual allowable cut (AAC) for the Robson Valley Timber Supply Area, but the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Operations says the delay is not due to the recently announced review of the expansion of area-based tenures.
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