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Rural education on the table

December 14, 2015 The Goat
The board again hired Stormy Lake Consulting to host meetings throughout the district, this time focused on what is working well and what is not – especially rural secondary schools. […]

Books, art and local readings

November 15, 2015 The Goat
Even when she returned with her husband to tour her childhood home in West Prussia, today Poland, she didn’t tell anyone about what had happened to her and her family when they fled the Red Army in 1945. […]

Enrollment up at local schools

September 21, 2015 The Goat
By: Korie Marshall It’s the first full week back at school in the Robson Valley, and some enrolment numbers are higher this year than expected. Dan Kenkel, principal at Valemount Secondary, says numbers there are […]

CSI: McBride at 521 Main Street

August 29, 2015 The Goat
There was a crime scene at the Jefferson’s house. There was blood on the floor, fingerprints on a cup, a bitemark on a piece of cheese, and a ransom note: “If you ever want to see magic again … it will cost you $10,000.” Their beloved show dog, Magic, was gone. […]
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