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Locals negotiate CBC broadcast

August 8, 2012 The Goat
The CBC has discontinued their TV broadcast to many rural areas including the Robson Valley as of the end of July. Some residents have lost their only channel and are coming into town to watch […]
Woodpeckers in the Community Forest

Valemount Community Forest gets 25-year license

August 1, 2012 The Goat
Under the Land-Based Investment Strategy program, the Community Forest was able to plant over
30,000 seedlings in some of the open areas within the Swift Fire burn that have not regenerated adequately. This area can be seen from town, in the grey burn area near the top of Swift Mountain, alongside the old logging areas. […]

Big Foot Trail work begins

July 25, 2012 The Goat
It’s been more than a year since Valemount resident Marion Farquharson dreamt of The Big Foot Trail, but construction is now set to begin. The original idea was to provide a loop walking trail within […]
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McBride Rec Centre Upgrades

July 25, 2012 The Goat
Energy-saving upgrades to the Robson Valley Recreation Centre in McBride were formally recognized on Monday with a new sign recognizing the Province of British Columbia’s ‘Towns for Tomorrow’ grant of $400,000. The sign was unveiled […]
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