Food bank evicted

August 31, 2011 The Goat
Laura Keil A few empty fridges and freezers and a heavy wooden counter now covered with a tarp is all that is left of the Valemount Food Bank, after they were forced to leave […]
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Time to Pay It Back

August 31, 2011 The Goat
Laura Keil As British Columbians face the downfall of the HST, they are also looking at a hefty debt. The province will reinstate the combined 12 per cent PST and GST tax system following […]
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5 Mile bike park seeks crown land approval

August 3, 2011 The Goat
The Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA) is submitting a proposal for a mountain bike skills park and ride center for all ages and abilities near 5-mile road in Valemount. Andreas Thoni, Project Manager of the […]

What feeds the Goat

June 8, 2011 The Goat
When I arrived in Valemount one year ago, I was incredibly naive. Start my own newspaper? What could I possibly have been thinking? But the people here drew me in. I felt like I belonged […]
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Letter: Attracting the Asian Market

May 25, 2011 The Goat
After reading the editorial in last week’s Rocky Mountain Goat “Together let’s awaken the sleeping dragon”, I decided to add a bit more “fuel to the fire.” I truly believe that Valemount could easily capture […]
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Blue River mineral: bigger and better

February 9, 2011 The Goat
New report confirms larger size of mineral deposit World price of tantalum spikes as ‘conflict mineral’ boycotted Commerce Resources Corp. has released an updated mineral resource estimate for the Upper Fir Tantalum and Niobium Deposit […]

Alpine Coaster proposed for Valemount

January 19, 2011 The Goat
It has been tremendously successful in Europe, the United States and Quebec, and now local resident Herbert Boenisch sees an opportunity to bring an alpine coaster to Valemount. It could be the first alpine coaster […]
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Farm Gate Sales Open Up

October 13, 2010 The Goat
Small Canadian meat producers may finally get a hoof up, seven years after the first infected animal with mad cow disease led to a regulatory crackdown. The provincial government has developed two new licenses to […]
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