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Creeping up on Christmas

December 29, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG Humour Writer Every year, the 25th of December sneaks up on me. I know I am not alone because other people share my bewilderment. Dazed, confused, jingling around in their Reindeer […]

Sick of subzero

December 16, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG Humour Writer If we are ever going to get Canadians motivated to take action against Climate Change, we need to stop calling it Global Warming. Global Warming sounds like a big […]

Bank on it

December 13, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE, RMG Humour Writer Am I the only one who’s IQ plummets down to their shoe size the minute they step into a bank? Banks have always made me nervous. They are too […]

Sober and wearing clothes

December 11, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG humour columnist  Some of you may remember Erma Bombeck. She wrote a newspaper column, back when women knew their place in the media. Helloise told you how to clean; Abbey doled […]

Felmo and Geraldine

December 4, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG humour columnist I have written about my son’s playmate Felmo. Felmo is a doll that goes everywhere with him. In fairness to my son, I must admit, I also have a […]

Let me sock it to ya

November 18, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG humor writer Back when our relationship was new, socks were a source of conflict between my husband and myself. When you tell the single person about these disagreements, they scoff. This […]

Body boss

November 6, 2016 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG humour writer For the first part of our lives we learn what we can do with our bodies. Walking upright is our first big “Hooray.” Once, we’ve learned to defy gravity, […]

Lou Maze: Job interviews

May 26, 2015 The Goat
By: Lou Maze Goat Humour Columnist If you haven’t had a job interview for awhile there have been some changes you need to know about. Dressing appropriately and making a good impression are no longer […]
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