The Rainbow unveiled

August 14, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken A small group of local people and a few tourists unveiled a rainbow bench on the patio of Valemount’s Gathering Tree on July 27 in an emotional ceremony that recalled the struggles […]

Esser back on top

August 13, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken McBride’s Agnes Esser has reclaimed the Canadian national title in discus at the Canadian Track & Field Championships held in Montreal, Quebec. Esser held the title in 2016 and 2017, and placed […]

Bite and Bark

August 12, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken A travelling exhibition at the Valemount Museum features an ancient, rare and once commonplace art that you may have never come across before. Birch bark biting is thought to be tens of […]

RMG 2nd annual photo contest

August 11, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Laura Keil The Goat’s photo contest attracted some excellent submissions and we are happy to showcase a number of them in the paper this week. The grand prize winner is Courtney Rupertus for her […]
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