By Laura Keil

Local government candidates were under the bright lights of the Valemount Community Theatre last Wednesday for the Valemount Chamber of Commerce’s all candidates forum.

Questions included: how to involve youth in politics, how to show Valemount as an accepting and inclusive community, the mayor candidates’ biggest priorities, how to support childcare, how to bridge the economic gap, air quality, marijuana legislation, support for a pool, the existing Council’s track record on consultations, and who would support the youth group V-Crew; there was also a question directed at Mayoral Candidate Peter Reimer about Reimer trying to get reimbursed by the Village for a legal opinion and whether or not he supported LGBTQ2 rights. For SD57 candidates, there was a question about how they see their role in this newly-created position. For Regional District candidates there was a question about cutbacks at the arenas.

Below are shortcuts to each question in the full-length forum video.

Candidate introductions:

How to engage youth (question to mayor candidates):

How to show Valemount is an accepting community inclusive of all forms of diversity (question to all candidates):

Question on legal fees and LGBTQ2 support directed at mayoral candidate Peter Reimer:

Mayor candidates’ biggest priority

Support for childcare (question to mayor candidates)

How to bridge the economic gap (question to all candidates)

Air quality (question to all candidates)

How do you see your role in this new trustee position? (SD57 candidates)

Marijuana legislation (question to all candidates)

Support for public pool (question for mayor and council candidates)

Community consultations – what will change from the last 4 years? (question to members of the existing council)

Will candidates support the V-crew youth group? (question for mayor and council candidates)

How to keep arenas viable (Regional District candidates)