Your Candidates: McBride Mayor

October 8, 2018 The Goat
The following people are running for office in McBride but did not respond by deadline: Gene P Runtz for mayor. Loranne Martin Position sought: McBride Mayor I have lived in McBride for 12 years; 7 […]

Your Candidates: Valemount Mayor

October 7, 2018 The Goat
Andru McCracken Position sought: Valemount Mayor I’m Andru McCracken and I believe the most important part of being a leader is building a strong team. During my term as Mayor from 2011 to 2014, our […]

Schollars for Dollars

October 7, 2018 The Goat
by Andru McCracken According to Jerry Stanley at the Robson Valley Junior Academy, students there have their own currency. It’s called Schollars and it helps the kids raise money for technology projects. The Seventh Day […]

Exciting times at Valemount high

October 6, 2018 The Goat
by Andru McCracken Derrick Shaw, Valemount Secondary School’s principal, said he is excited to be back at school. “We have a great school, great students and great staff,” he said. The school is bustling with […]

What do you need to vote?

October 5, 2018 The Goat
by Laura Keil To vote in the election you are required to show two pieces of ID. But what identification counts? According to Karla Jensen, Chief Election Officer for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, […]

Peddling McBride: Human-powered cab tours

October 4, 2018 The Goat
by Andru McCracken The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in McBride. Allan Frederick and Rick Thompson have developed a new venture that may help McBride’s fledgling economy grow. It’s called the McBride Pedicab. “We have a […]

New bus company eyes Hwy 5

October 3, 2018 The Goat
by Andru McCracken When I called the office of Rider Express Transportation, Leonard Siemens answers the phone on the first ring. I ask to speak with Firat Uray, the company’s owner. Siemens tells me: “There’s […]
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