Each winter Valemount is invaded by snowmobilers from across western Canada; and while this is great for the local economy and most of the people who adventure here are decent and respectful, it seems there are some jerks who give the rest a bad name.

Almost every day, valley locals will see some ignorant ass parked sideways taking up the entire IGA parking lot with his truck and sled trailer, blocking off parking for seniors and the disabled. Or in the case of the photo above, the guy drove over the parking lot and parked on the walkway, blocking off access to the stores beyond.

This shows a blatant lack of respect for this village and the people in it. These people clearly don’t care about anyone but themselves. This writer wonders if these are the same people who bury their garbage in the snow when sledding and pollute our alpine environment.

Constable Marika Masters informed me that under Motor Vehicle Act section 189(1A) parking up on the sidewalk constitutes a $40 fine, while section 189(1L) double (or quadruple) parking constitutes an $81 fine.

So the next time you see some jerk about to quadruple park, kindly let him know the police here will happily dish out a nice fine.

Call it the price of ignorance.

Ross Ballard,

Valemount, BC