All the organizers of a great weekend came together, As VARDA General Manager Curtis Pawliuk mans the barbeque for the 200 people at the bike park — all of whom ate for free. On the right is trail master, Randy Pruden, and on the left is Organizer of the first ever vALEmountain Craft Beer Experience, Michael Lewis. / DANNY ROBERTS


If anyone was wondering if Valemount has actually switched to tourism based economy — it has.

The weekend of (Saturday) Jun. 17, the Valemount Bike Park saw over 200 users visit the grounds. The park had never seen so many users at one time, according to VARDA General Manager Curtis Pawliuk.

VARDA was cooking up free burgers and hot dogs for bike park users, while PEAK SHUTTLES were on hand to help cut wait times.

Later the same evening, just over 500 people — tourists and locals alike — gathered at the Valemount Airport to celebrate the first ever vALEmount Craft Beer Experience.


The Athabasca Barn Burners play up at 5 Mile. / VARDA


An aerial shot of the park via a drone. Though you can’t see many people, the number of cars provides a bit of context as to just how packed it got up there. / VARDA