Valemount’s newest street isn’t even here yet, but it’s got a name.

The new street — likely to be named Fowler Drive or Fowler Crescent — will be created by subdivision on the southern end of Dogwood Street, 1805 to be precise.

Phase One of the subdivision will see 21 new lots with a remaining 37 lots to develop, according to Village Chief Administrative Officer Adam Davey, while Phase Two will see the completion of the remaining 37 lots.

The decision as to the exact naming will likely occur at the next Council meeting, according to Village Chief Administrative Officer Adam Davey.

Council deferred the decision at its last meeting in order to obtain more information, and to wait until more councillors were present, as only three were present at Council’s last meeting.

“We have carefully put thought into naming our Phase 1 subdivision located at (the south end of Dogwood),” says Shawn Fowler in a letter to Council.

“Naming this street or cul-de-sac is a legacy of ours,” he says.

Shawn and Diane Fowler own the Valemount division of Whisper Creek Log Homes and have built many homes on the southern end of Valemount. They also own a vacation rental business where they rent out Whisper Creek homes to tourists.

Davey says the new neighbourhood under construction by the Fowler’s is currently being referred to as Phase 1 of the subdivision at 1805 Dogwood Street.

He says the road will be completed prior to final subdivision approval.

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  1. I thought the model was avenues were numbered and the streets were names after trees… perhaps cul du sacs should be named after bushes or or small animals, or water fowl rather than homage to a developer.

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