Where economy meets environment. The Athina Carras, seen on the right, is a Greek cargo vessel built in 2012. The ship carries a variety of cargo, with one company using the tanker for oil and gas. / EVAN MATTHEWS

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor

I visited the coast this past week, and it was amazing.

It’s a long drive back, though.

Something I noticed on the way home was the lack of signs indicating Valemount was even a blip on the map.

Right from Barriere, Valemount wasn’t listed as a destination very often. If I had to go out on a limb, I’d say Valemount was on a sign as many times as Blue River.

Nothing against Blue River at all, but if Valemount is going for a tourism based economy, wouldn’t it be nice for people to know it’s here?

There were very few signs indicating how far away Valemount was, and certainly no signs to indicate any type of industry or tourism in the village.

It was kind of surprising to me there weren’t a few more signs indicating distance, but I had a thought.

Obviously, VGD is going ahead, so is Kinder Morgan.

“Adding Valemount to a few more signs would also be an indicator of government commitment – Evan Matthews, Editor”

These are major projects, and whether each draws employees or tourists, respectively, we should be expecting an influx of people. They’re coming.

Maybe to some having a few extra signs is a miniscule thing, but I think it would be a symbol of good faith from the government, and a symbol of respect for the locals who have tirelessly worked toward some of these projects.

If the Province were to put in a few signs, “Future home of Valemount Glacier Destinations’ Resort,” or something to that effect, it would add intrigue and value to our community.

People travelling would start to ask questions. “Where is Valemount? What’s this resort all about? How many people live there? What’s it like? Should we go?”

I see these questions as being inevitable.

Adding Valemount to a few more signs would also be an indicator of government commitment.

VGD doesn’t have shovels in the ground just yet, and even though the resort is all but under construction, something tangible would be really amazing to see.

I have the utmost faith the resort will happen for this community, but its time to start letting others in on our exciting news.

Maybe that’s what the sign could read, “Have you heard the good news?” I joke.

But in all seriousness, with all the projects about to get underway and the amount of dedicated individuals working toward these projects, Valemount is now a destination.

Big things are happening here in lots of different areas.

It’s time to put Valemount on the map, or on a sign.