By: Laura Keil

The Village of McBride has contacted the RCMP and is considering legal recourse after the mayor received a threatening phone call on Saturday, just one of a series of harassing incidents, an unsigned letter from the Village office says.

A news release sent to media on Wednesday morning by a Village employee, says the phone call is not an isolated incident but represents “a series of documented events where a small number of people have attempted to bully, harass, defame and threaten both Councillors and staff.”

The release says Mayor Martin received a threatening phone call at 4:26 pm, on Sat. July 25th from an anonymous number using an artificially obscured voice.

The Village says the call attempted to interfere with the lawful works of the Council of the Village of McBride and the caller stated they had hacked and interfered with Village communications and threatened further action.

“The phone call on Saturday represented an escalation of this behaviour, and that specific matter has been forwarded to the RCMP for investigation,” the news release says. “If anyone has any information, please contact the local RCMP detachment.”

“Once the culprit has been identified, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. While criticism of any political entity is both lawful and welcome; there are lines that should not be crossed and we are now over that line.”

“Local government is government by the people, for the people. While fair criticism is welcome, attacks threatening material harm are not.”