Too often, the negative things overtake our day. We are late; someone is impatient with us; someone lashes out for reasons we can’t understand. But there are far more things to be grateful for. Think of all the people you rely on as you go about your day – the people stocking the shelves at the grocery store, the people tending to their gardens so everyone can enjoy the view, the people who always give you a smile… just think of what it would mean to recognize those people in a few words. Imagine how these words could heal rifts and bring us together despite our differences. Here are the submissions from our readers.

“I would like to thank the village employees who pick up garbage. I forgot to put my garbage out on the curb one morning. We store our garbage bin about 10 steps from the curb. It would have been easy for the employee to ignore my garbage but they took the extra 10 steps to pick it up. Thank you soooo much, especially in this heat!”
Regena Bergen

“Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers with chain saws who clear our hiking and biking trails of fallen trees, after a big wind.” Anonymous

“Thank you to Andreas Thoni, for having the dream and commitment to be the major planner, initially, behind our new bike park. Our community will really benefit from your determination and visions.”

“Sending a big shout out to the organizers of the Dunster Ice Cream Social and Canada Day Celebrations in McBride and Valemount. Thanks for your hard work! These events would not be possible without you! Well Done!”
Shirley Bond, MLA, Prince George-Valemount

“I am grateful for Norma Arneson. She is an enthusiastic Open Gate Gardener. She cares for all the hanging baskets daily. She has a willing and positive way of approaching volunteerism, and a great sense of humour. Many are not aware that for the past twenty years Norma has volunteered to support families that are dealing with mental health issues. She is worthy of recognition for all she contributes to our community. Yay Norma!” Nancy Taylor

“I’d like to thank Wayne Brown for his continual, practical kindness to many people, and specifically for crawling around under my house like a mutant badger, levelling my floor. I’d like to thank Richard James for fixing my glasses after I sat on them. I’d like to thank Henry Unger for teaching me to carve. And I’d like to thank those shy, modest neighbours (you know who you are) who saved me from an evil plumber, when they barely knew me. None of these things were done with any expectation of reward.” Anonymous

Great Job Mel Hystad and the town crew for making the downtown flower boxes looking so wonderful. It takes a lot of work and it is appreciated and enjoyed.

Thank you for the amazing job you do Gord Peters. Filming editing and broadcasting professional quality programing showcasing Valemount as this amazing place that it is to places around Canada.

Thank you Anglican Church Ladies who roll up their sleeves and are always so willing to lend a hand or a pie to help out individuals and organizations in our community.

We are so fortunate to live in a town that has a store that will deliver groceries to seniors. Great job Mike and staff for this personal touch that is so very appreciated and desperately needed.

We should all strive to be ambassadors for our community and Jessie Couillonnur does just that as she greets all she meets with a friendly hello, a big smile and a positive attitude.