After reading your issue dated June 17th 2015, I felt quite overtaken with a feeling of sadness. I have only lived here for 17 months, but find it hard, still, to believe the level of infighting in the Village. I’ve heard of some people giving up on participating in groups (things that would help grow the Village) because of infighting. We all talk about setting an example for the children, the future of the Village. They hear things! They listen, they see!
It’s bad enough watching federal politics in this day and age. I see groups of people in this Village. Some are here just to make money here, not so interested in the Village advancement, or maybe just a little bit. Some are really dedicated to its advancement for the love of the Village! Some are here for the beauty, and to get away from the city life, and enjoy the peace of it all. Then there are the good old Rocks of the community – the ones who have been here for a very long time, who built, sweat, and loved this place through hard times and good times. I am sure I have missed a few categories, but there is only so much room in this paper.

Then there are those that are unhappy, or judgmental, even if they are not involved. This I won’t get into.
Gossip isn’t Gospel, and has run aground many a good ship!

Bob Hoskins