“Politicians and diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain.

A response to recent letters and comments by defeated local politicians. Eg. Mr. Starchuck’s recent letter wherein he questions the wisdom of the new council’s decision in hiring a relatively inexperienced C.A.O. Expanding on the axiom that governments are voted out, not in, the previous administration shares responsibility for the election of the current council. Simply put: if the previous council and its attendants had adequately listened to and represented the electorate, they would still be in power. They were found wanting and were sent down the road. It’s called democracy and dates back to the ancient Greeks, although they were not great fans of the concept. Ex-mayor Frazier indicated in last week’s paper, when questioned about the by-election delay, that this sort of problem never occurred during his time in office. He’s right, it never came up: what did come up, however, at the start of his mayoral mini-dynasty, was a legal situation which saw Frazier, an inexperienced and naïve government employee, scrambling to raise a legal defense fund. I thought he was a man who had promise, so I contributed $200, as did others. At the time it was money well spent, given the alternative, and I won’t ask for it back. I was happy to help you out back then; why won’t you pay it forward and extend the same courtesy to the next group of rookies coming in? With the additional spare time you (collectively) now enjoy, may I suggest you take up a sport. It’ll be healthy and you will learn how to lose gracefully.

Tony Rykes
McBride, BC