Dear Editor:

There are those who feel their opportunity to make more money in Valemount is not lucrative enough. Anne Yanciw has been identified by some as the lady standing in the way of “economic growth” within our town boundaries. And rightfully so, her job is to protect the interests of the Village of Valemount.

Here are my thoughts. Thank you Anne for the amazing job you have done as our CAO. The professionalism that you have maintained throughout this ordeal has been exemplary. The review you have come through has maintained a job well done on your part. This review further indicates that staffing levels are on all levels adequate, neither over or under done. And further heap on the fact that your relationship to staff is very good. And people are talking about getting rid of you? I cannot understand this.

It is important to note that the person conducting the review has pointed to the relationship between two individuals as to impeding attention to the business at hand in the governance of Valemount. The only valid option available to council in removing Anne is firing her “without cause.” That means to me the council would fire her on the grounds of a job well done.

I would suggest that there is only one sandbox and all need to work at getting along. That would be a greater testament to co-operation. Let’s stop obscuring the issue with this non-present petition.

Once again, thank you Anne for a job well done in protecting the interests of the Village of Valemount. And that would mean we, the citizens of Valemount, have been well served by your efforts.

Eugene Jamin
Valemount, BC