In following up on my previous letters to the editor on my concerns about the McBride council, I felt the need to write this letter after the latest appointment.

I was really hoping our beloved McBride council would make it right for once, and get things back on track when they started their recruitment for filling the chief administrative position.

So on May 12th, McBride council swore in Kelley Williams as the new chief administrative officer to replace Eliana Clements and there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion about who she is and what her qualifications were for the job when they swore her in.

So who is Kelley Williams? Where did Kelley work last? What local government experience does Kelley bring to the job as the CAO for McBride?

Doesn’t seem like council wants to share a whole lot of information about this person when they swore her in.
What can we expect next?

There is another critical and important position that needs to be filled and the competition for this position closes at the end of May for the chief financial officer. I would expect as taxpayers in McBride that you would want to make sure your McBride council makes the right choice and hire a person with the qualifications to fill this key critical position.

In all seriousness I am hoping this council has made the right choice in selecting Kelley Williams. Time will tell. I am hoping she can hit the ground running and get up to speed sooner than later with all the administrative responsibilities that go with the job.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s time for the Rocky Mountain Goat to do an interview with Ms. Williams. Find out who she is and what experience she brings to the job as the CAO.

The concern I have, as many McBride taxpayers have, is we are seven months into the four year term and so far there haven’t been a whole lot of successes announced by this council.

It just doesn’t seem to get any better folks…

Ken Starchuck
McBride, BC