By BC Gov Communications

The BC Coroners Service has confirmed the identity of a male who died following an attack by a bear near Mackenzie on May 10, 2015. He was Daniel Ward Folland O’Connor, age 27, of Mackenzie.

Mr. O’Connor and his fiancée were camping in a small campground near the Parsnip River off the West Forest Service Road about 10 kilometres from Mackenzie. On the night of May 9-10, Mr. O’Connor was sleeping outside near a fire pit while his fiancée slept in their motorhome. After getting up in the morning, the fiancée realized something was wrong and went for help. Mr. O’Connor was deceased at the scene.

RCMP and Conservation Officers attended and confirmed that the injuries Mr. O’Connor suffered were consistent with a black bear attack. The bear believed responsible for the attack was located and destroyed. The BC Coroners Service and the RCMP continue to investigate. Mr. O’Connor’s family has been notified.

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The BC Coroners Service reminds those heading into the wilderness to camp of the risks that wildlife can pose and the need to make campsites as unattractive to bears as possible. Detailed information can be found on the BC Parks website at: