McBride BC dentist

Photo & caption by: Frank Green

Susan Agostino, Jas Pahal, Mike Moseley, and Reena Pahal gathered to inaugurate the start of Dr. Pahal’s new practice in McBride. Dr. Jas Pahal bought Dr. Moseley’s little practice, and he’ll there work on people’s teeth every other weekend – and possibly more if there’s enough demand – starting later this month. “We thought it was a neat little opportunity,” said Dr. Pahal, 34, who otherwise works and lives in Prince George with his wife Reena and two children, who are 1 and 4 years old. Though he’d driven past “a hundred times,” Pahal never made the right turn into McBride until he found out about Dr. Moseley’s empty office. Pahal is also bringing in veteran dentist Dr. David Waller, who will see patients two or three days a month in the same office, and dental hygienists from Prince George who will also come a couple days a month when neither dentist is around.