Photo: Beth Russell

Seth Macdonald and Shara Gustafson who form the talented local duo “Samson’s Delilah”- were a great opening act for a powerful energetic concert, at the Dunster School, April 4th. Jack Garton, on trumpet with his band, “Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron” brought on highly energetic tunes and “rocked” the walls with dynamic vocals, drums and wonderful instrumentation, with Jack playing both the trumpet and accordion at times. After intermission, the chairs were almost all cleared away and most people enjoyed a fantastic dance party as well! These two talented groups just finished a three week tour together- this being their final eve of their tour! The next live music event is Whitehorse, a top notch pop-rock group, who play at the High School Theatre this Sunday. This is the last concert of the season for Valemount Arts and Cultural Society. Get your tickets early at Infinity.