Submitted by Robson Valley RCMP

On Saturday February 7th, the Valemount RCMP responded to a report of a single vehicle rollover collision on Highway 16 near Grant Brook. The report was received shortly after 6am and the roads were reported to be extremely slippery with black ice conditions.

While the Valemount RCMP member was on scene investigating the collision a passing truck and snowmobile trailer slid into the rear of the fully marked police vehicle which was parked on the side of the highway with all of its emergency lights activated. The visibility at the time was excellent and the police vehicle could be seen from a long distance away.

Shortly after this collision, a tractor trailer attempted to drive past the police vehicle which was still parked on the side of the highway which struck the front drivers side of the police vehicle causing significant damage. Luckily the police officer was not injured in either of these collisions as he was sitting in the vehicle at the times of being struck.

The RCMP is reminding drivers when they see an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing, which includes flaggers and tow trucks, to slow down and move over. It is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act to not do so and carries three penalty points and a $173 fine.

As a result of the road conditions there were a total of seven collisions at the same location which resulted in the highway being closed for four hours.