Laura Keil
Laura Keil, Publisher & Co-owner

By: Laura Keil

It’s minor sports season in the Valley, and a chance to see our young people in action as part of a team. I always enjoy seeing the dynamics between team players in hockey, basketball and other minor sports. It’s also fun getting to know the different players’ strengths and weaknesses. Many of our teams work extremely well together. It’s not just one person scoring all the goals. Players encourage and console one another. They communicate and strategize. They take guidance from their coaches.

I attended a Sustainability of Communities workshop in McBride on Monday. About 50 people from across the valley turned out. Looking around, I didn’t recognize everyone. But I was floored by the number of caring, intelligent people in that room. There were long-time residents with a memory of our valley’s history; there were residents with Master’s degrees and PhDs; there were creative thinkers and people with drive and people who think deeply.

Who is on our team when it comes to maintaining and developing the valley as a wonderful place to live?
While I know plenty of people close to where I live, I know much less about people living in the rest of the Valley. I was delighted to find myself sitting at a table with people who have deeply considered the values underlying our local culture. When you put a group of these people in a room, it is easy to feel as though the Valley’s future is in good hands.

It’s easy to think of our world as small. We live in this small town in this scarcely-populated valley, and while we know a lot of faces, how much do we actually know about the talents that exist here?

Who is on our team? In sports, we must know. It is an imperative we know each person’s strengths and weaknesses and use them to drive us forward.

We must think of our team as more than our circle of friends. It is everyone who lives in the Robson Valley – and includes some people beyond as well.

Get to know a new person this week. Find out what their passion is. The more we know about our entire team, the better chance we’ll have at building thriving, caring communities.